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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Diapered Ducks

I just submitted my order for Cheyenne's intermediate diaper harness from Indoor Ducks !
She won't fit into it for a few weeks, but I want to make sure I have it when she does.  She should be fitting into her first of four baby harnesses from The Goose's Mother by the end of this week.  She will be two weeks old.

We had so much fun together yesterday.  She's getting stronger every day.  She is becoming a little more accustomed to cooler temps (slowly but surely) and that means longer play time out of her 'nest'.  She's gaining more confidence and is starting to wander further and further from my side with each day.  It's nice to see her relax more and have fun without being so concerned about where I am.  She's starting to understand that even though she doesn't physically see me, I'm still with her.  She starts off every play session with a swim, preens and checks things out around the house, swims again, and if she's not too cold, settles on my lap for a nice, long nap.  She's 10 days old today.

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