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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vegetable Chopper

I bought a vegetable chopper a couple weeks ago at Walmart for Donegan's daily greens.  Makes things soooo much easier!  Only $14 and great quality.  Rival has one, too, for the same price.
Get yours HERE

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 5 Update

Nothing new to report, really, other than Donegan went outside for his first time. Waiting for that weather to warm up! It's a disadvantage raising a duckling in the winter. Still no quacks!
We also went on a weekend trip with him. Four hour drive one way to my home town. Donegan did great... very quiet boy... and my mom let him romp around the house in his diaper. His diaper fell off at one point (made some adjustments and the pattern is officially done). I tried to grab him off my lap and instead he ran up my chest and sat on my shoulder. Yup... he immediately took a nice, big, runny, warm poop on my chest. At least my family got a kick out of it. haha! He was very good in the car, too. He will be going to a hotel near Disneyland with us next month :)

I went shopping for fabric. Not a whole lot of options, so I bought him camouflage print so the hunters can't see him. (Knee slapper!) I also got him another shamrock pattern... one that also has beer mugs. I'm a sucker for Ireland. Most excited, though, about the Autism Awareness puzzle piece fabric I ordered :) Here's a few week 5 pics:
(click to enlarge)

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Donegan's Weekly Growth Comparison Photo: Five Weeks Old

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

First Paddles

He is one month old now.  His feathers have grown in on his chest so he took his first official swim today in the bath tub!  These are his first paddles... trying to figure out how his feet work.  All my videos are of baths so far, but there will be more to come when the weather warms up. Besides, who can't sit an watch a duck play in the water for days??  ;D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Sew, I Made a Diaper...

I bought a sewing machine months ago.... having absolutely no experience, I was determined to teach myself.  That all went down the drain when I started sewing practicing stitches.  My machine kept jamming up.  Long story short, because I had no experience I didn't know if it was me or the machine messing up.  This drove me crazy, because I really wanted to sew my own diaper harnesses.  I did a little research two days ago and FINALLY figured out the problem.  Good news is, it wasn't me.  Frustrating news is all it took was a small turn of a screw to tighten the thread tension and I could have been sewing all these months. lol.  So, now, as I'm getting ready to take Donegan on his very first weekend trip this week, I'm in a time crunch to make diaper harnesses.
So I sat down half of the day yesterday and created my very own pattern.  And to my surprise it actually worked!
I knew I wanted shamrocks.  I knew I wanted a fleece breast lining for comfort, stretch, non fray, and easy adjustments for resizing and reshaping.  I knew I wanted a fast drying washable insert that stayed put, a large pouch, and little to no hardware (SIMPLE).  Most importantly, I wanted the tail feathers free and the oil gland exposed and accessible. And there you have it:
(click on pics to make larger)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

He will be grown out of this one in no time, so I will be back at the sewing machine today.  I'm going to get the pattern on paper and scan it onto a PDF file soon, too, with one or two adjustments.
I gotta say, I'm proud of myself for not only creating a pattern on my own, but that the first pattern worked perfectly, and that this was my very first time sewing ANYTHING.  So now I'm hooked on sewing... and I'm in trouble!  :D UPDATE! Click here for the pattern!!!!

Week Four Update: Donegan

As you can see, Donegan is getting his feathers in fast. Yay! He has more white than I expected, but recently read that their dark green plumage on their heads is only within certain times of year :) His feathers are already lookin pretty.... even if he IS in the awkward phase. His beak has lightened up a lot, as well. He just keeps getting more and more cuddly. He now hops up into my arms like he's a baby and falls asleep with his beak stuffed under my forearm. Its so cute. He has grown out of his training diapers that I ordered from The Goose's Mother (link to the right), so I busted out my sewing machine. I don't sew. Never have. I put together this diaper harness, but it was still too small. Yesterday I gave diaper sewing an official go and it actually worked out (post to follow). He's slowwwwly getting his quack. I've heard a few "honks" here and there. Looking forward to having a quieter male :D He's not much into playing.... nowhere near as much as Cheyenne was. He's more interested in relaxing on my lap or in my arms, which is fine with me. Welsh Harlequins are a different breed! (not sure if that pun was intended???) Still showing signs of angel wing. I'm going to call the avian vet and get the "OK" to SLIGHTLY cut the protein in his feed with whole cleaned oats. His nails are sharp sharp right now.... similar to a puppy's teeth, they will become more dull over time... but for now my legs are covered in scratches. Serves me right for handling him in shorts. I never learn. One of the things Cheyenne left me with when she passed were plenty of scars on my arms and legs. I don't mind them now. Makes me smile when I look at them. She definitely left her mark on me! (okay, THAT pun was intended).

(click on pic to make larger)
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Donegan's Weekly Growth Comparison Photo: Four Weeks Old

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Monday, February 13, 2012

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a..... duck?!

I live on a military base... was looking at an arial view and ran across this. Totally didn't expect that! LOL!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 3 Donegan Update


Donegan keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Welsh's are definitely my number one breed to recommend. He got a bath upgrade and needs one again already! He's getting big. He's convinced he still fits perfectly on my shoulder and in my hand. lol. He also started wearing the next size up in training diapers. My eyes could be playing tricks, but it seems as though his walk is a bit off... maybe too pigeon toed. I'm going to look into it, but regardless it doesn't seem to bug him. He's a poopin machine! SURPRISE! Looking forward to less poop after his feathers are in. They are on their way... looking less like feathers and more like spikes. Gotta love that awkward stage. He's still quite photogenic, but we will see if that still stands next week!! :D His beak is slowly getting lighter. Welsh Harlequin males have a dark beak when they hatch, which lightens and turns yellow over time. The femals are born with a light beak that darkens with age. This is why most breeders consider welshs the easiest to sex at hatching. I did a supervised cat/duck meet n greet with donegan in his cage. YUP... the cats were terrified of him. lol I'll be looking for a medium there. I really need to get some orders in for juvenile and adult diaper harnesses, but it's hard to guess the size =/ We removed the heat lamp, but have the heat turned up in the house. Other than that and upgrading the size of his food and water dishes, nothing new :)

Donegan's Weekly Growth Comparison Photo (3 Weeks Old)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Duck Decal

Snuck this onto the truck while the husband was sleeping. **evil laugh**
Get yours HERE.