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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 3 Donegan Update


Donegan keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Welsh's are definitely my number one breed to recommend. He got a bath upgrade and needs one again already! He's getting big. He's convinced he still fits perfectly on my shoulder and in my hand. lol. He also started wearing the next size up in training diapers. My eyes could be playing tricks, but it seems as though his walk is a bit off... maybe too pigeon toed. I'm going to look into it, but regardless it doesn't seem to bug him. He's a poopin machine! SURPRISE! Looking forward to less poop after his feathers are in. They are on their way... looking less like feathers and more like spikes. Gotta love that awkward stage. He's still quite photogenic, but we will see if that still stands next week!! :D His beak is slowly getting lighter. Welsh Harlequin males have a dark beak when they hatch, which lightens and turns yellow over time. The femals are born with a light beak that darkens with age. This is why most breeders consider welshs the easiest to sex at hatching. I did a supervised cat/duck meet n greet with donegan in his cage. YUP... the cats were terrified of him. lol I'll be looking for a medium there. I really need to get some orders in for juvenile and adult diaper harnesses, but it's hard to guess the size =/ We removed the heat lamp, but have the heat turned up in the house. Other than that and upgrading the size of his food and water dishes, nothing new :)

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