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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week Four Update: Donegan

As you can see, Donegan is getting his feathers in fast. Yay! He has more white than I expected, but recently read that their dark green plumage on their heads is only within certain times of year :) His feathers are already lookin pretty.... even if he IS in the awkward phase. His beak has lightened up a lot, as well. He just keeps getting more and more cuddly. He now hops up into my arms like he's a baby and falls asleep with his beak stuffed under my forearm. Its so cute. He has grown out of his training diapers that I ordered from The Goose's Mother (link to the right), so I busted out my sewing machine. I don't sew. Never have. I put together this diaper harness, but it was still too small. Yesterday I gave diaper sewing an official go and it actually worked out (post to follow). He's slowwwwly getting his quack. I've heard a few "honks" here and there. Looking forward to having a quieter male :D He's not much into playing.... nowhere near as much as Cheyenne was. He's more interested in relaxing on my lap or in my arms, which is fine with me. Welsh Harlequins are a different breed! (not sure if that pun was intended???) Still showing signs of angel wing. I'm going to call the avian vet and get the "OK" to SLIGHTLY cut the protein in his feed with whole cleaned oats. His nails are sharp sharp right now.... similar to a puppy's teeth, they will become more dull over time... but for now my legs are covered in scratches. Serves me right for handling him in shorts. I never learn. One of the things Cheyenne left me with when she passed were plenty of scars on my arms and legs. I don't mind them now. Makes me smile when I look at them. She definitely left her mark on me! (okay, THAT pun was intended).

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