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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Be Quick to Order

If you plan on diapering your house duck, be quick to order your harnesses.  The baby harnesses should be ordered before the baby even arrives.  Intermediate harnesses (If using should probably be ordered at the duckling's arrival.  It takes some time for her to make the harnesses and create a batch to be shipped.  I just BARELY squeaked my order into the next batch simply because she was kind enough to bend her batch for me.  Had she not done that, even though there are still several weeks left until I will need an intermediate harness, Cheyenne would have already grown out of it upon it's arrival if I had to wait for the proceeding batch.  So, get that order in. has a chart for ducks that allows you order an adult harness without specific measurements, of you wish, according to breed.  I will probably order in advance.  You can also wait until your bird is full grown.

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