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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Couple things...

Donegan is nearing 7 weeks old.
I couldn't keep up with his feed consumption, so I bough this "Bistro" Feeder from Tractor Supply.

Made my life easier!  I also finally found a good pellet feed!  So I mixed half pellets and half crumbles to give to him yesterday.  When he finishes his feeder's worth, it's all pellets from there on out.

Additionally, I introduced grit (without oyster shell) now that he has a more solid food to digest.  You can find this at most any feed store and a small bag will last you forever.

He is tall now, so I also placed a new water container in his cage.  It allows him to dunk his head in and clean his eyes and nose... very important!  He loves to place the pellets in the water and search for them.  I have these jars available to customize with your duck portraits on my facebook page:!/KatiesPaintedGlassware
So far I haven't found anything better to use for indoor ducks.  With the heavy weight, I have yet to see any spills.  Here are a couple I custom painted for Skeeter The Duck:

He's officially grown out of the diaper harness I made (previous posts), so I'll be back at the sewing machine today.  He is a really big boy!  Still has growing to do and he's already bigger than Cheyenne was full grown.

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