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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diaper Delivery

Cheyenne's intermediate diaper from arrived today.  HIGHLY impressed with the quality.
It was so much easier to put on compared to the baby safety pin harnesses.  (I would suggest skipping those all together). 

Unfortunately, she was able to get it off in under a minute.  I think when she grows a tiny bit more and it's more snug, it will stay on (especially seeing as how she doesn't have any feathers to help keep it in place).   But, again, beautifully made.

I ordered her adult harness from the same company yesterday.  I also ordered her a waterproof pillow.  I thought they were silly before I got Cheyenne, but now after having her, and now that's she's grown a lot, it's clear that it's a necessity in her cage..... really.

She ate her first snail yesterday! 

The swallows who are nesting on my porch have finally accepted her and see her as no threat so no more dive-bombing.

Her feathers are slowly coming in.  And, today on her wings there are long, sharp, white quills coming from her wings.

She's shedding her baby fluff rapidly, too.

Cheyenne is one month old today :)

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