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Monday, April 13, 2015

Sometimes God gives you a nudge and reminds you that he's still there and he still needs you".

My friend took her family to a park yesterday. From what I understand, there were children everywhere upsetting a flock of ducks and separating the babies from their mom. All of the babies made it back to her except for one. The drakes were attacking it and drowning it. Everyone there was watching, hopeless for the baby's survival. Once the baby started making it's way back to it's mom, she rejected it and chased it off. I got a phone call. My friend had managed to capture it from the drakes on land after they made it tumble down a hill. Now, I don't know for sure if this was natural selection, but I am firm on giving back to nature what we take. These kids could very well have disrupted things enough to make this happen. I had to go with my gut... I had to make it right. Everyone has a purpose in life that, if utilized, helps keep balance in nature and society. I have just gotten back into duck keeping within the past few days... A MamaDuck to Muscovies with a brooder set up and I get a call from my dear friend and neighbor that there is a baby muscovy needing to be rescued. It felt like a nudge from God... And I needed to act on it. That is the best way I can explain it. When I got to her house, I had no idea what to expect... If it would be hurt, unhealthy, if it was in fact a Muscovy, or how old it was. Could it be too old to integrate with my two brooding babies? I was so happy to lift the flaps of that box to see a healthy hatchling... Maybe a day or two old...with similar markings to Turkey. This baby certainly appears to be a Muscovy, in which case, is likely a product of someone releasing their domesticated ducks into the wild. Off to the brooder we went. I placed him in with Charger and Turkey. The baby immediately ran over to them as they stood on their feet. When the baby got between them, it was immediate acceptance. They laid down when the baby reached them and snuggled together. This morning, they are still snuggling... The baby has made it through the night and is looking great. My flock is officially full. No more animals! But, what was one more if it meant saving a life? Meet "Nudge".  photo image.jpg1_zps4ewa1g5j.jpg

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