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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Not What It's Quacked Up To Be

It's all over Pinterest... And I tried it. i can't speak for chickens, but do not put your baby ducks in a wire dog kennel, even with siding like pictured. You will be surprised how high they can jump at just a day old and how well they can climb (especially muscovy ducks, who like to perch in trees). I learned the hard way and was in a big rush to find another avenue for brooding. They can easily fit through the openings of your standard wire kennel. Also, be VERY careful as to how close you put the light. I tested mine before the ducklings went in and placed it inside the kennel as this website has pictured. The plastic tray bowed and burnt our hands immediately, it was so hot. So... Beware and don't do this if you have ducklings until they are much bigger. After they get some meat to them, go right ahead as long as you cover the black tray with towels.

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