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Friday, January 27, 2012

Movin' On Up

10 days old.  I upgraded his water dish last night from a chick waterer to a little dish with higher sides so Donegan can dunk his nose better.  I also started lessening the amount of water I put in his crumbles.  He will be eating dry crumbles by Monday.  As of yesterday I'm mixing his feed with unprocessed oatmeal to reduce the protien level in his feed.  This will help slow the high growth rate domestic ducks are bred for and reduce the chances of him developing Angel Wing.  (Ideally you should be looking for an 19% protein feed, no more.  But I am no vet, so do your research :)
He got a bath upgrade, too!
(more detailed information on the first days of raising can be found in my blog's early posts... back when I had cheyenne)

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