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Friday, June 17, 2011


I grew up in a family that wasn't exactly animal-friendly. I made up for it though, spending all my time outdoors. The stray dogs in the neighborhood would scratch on my front door to play every day; Families of raccoons would visit for handfed cookie feasts; birds would randomly fly up to me and perch;  Blue jays would fly into my house for peanuts on the kitchen counter when mom wasn't looking; and I had the once completely wild squirrels tamed and eating on my shoulders.

Fast forward, I'm now a 25 year old military wife; mother of one. We rarely get to visit home... RARELY. The opportunity to visit my family has finally arrived over Fourth of July and days to follow. I was so excited to break the news to my mother. She was just as excited, so it seemed.

"Who's going to feed your horse?" She says
"My pasture mate", I replied.
"And your dogs?"
"My neighbor." I said

That's when I knew it was coming.
"And what are you going to do with your duck?"

Ugh. Why did she have to ask!

"Welllll", I said, "You're um... going to have to meet the duck."
I grimaced for what was to come.

"Well that's just fine and dandy, but I ain't having a DUCK running around my house so you're welcome to bring it, but that thing is sleeping outside!"

An excitable moment became a very frustrating one.
I was shut out from any explanation on how Cheyenne is. My mother goes on and on about how dirty they are and how much they stink, yet she let's my sisters dog move in with her and she plans on getting my nephew pet rats.

Her sleeping outside is NOT AN OPTION. Aside from the cold nights in the mountains and hot days, she would be lonely and KILLED BY THE RACCOONS. I absolutely refuse to leave Cheyenne for an extended period of time. I'm her mom. I could NEVER do that to her. Ever. She WILL stay with me always and I refuse to STILL conform to a person's disinterest and lack of sympathy (which I will never understand) towards animals. I'm 25 years old and it is still trying to haunt me.

My feelings are hurt. Seeing her grandson and daughter after all this time isn't worth having a perfectly clean duck in the house? In a cage?  It hurts.
Looks like we'll be staying home for the 4th.

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